MacBook Pro 16in Redesign 2020-2021 release date, price & specs

Dec 07, 2020 4 min read
MacBook Pro 16in Redesign 2020-2021 release date, price & specs

We have exiting news about rumors of the new 16in MacBook Pro getting a redesign. It might even happen in this 2020 Christmas.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

  • Macbook Pro 16in release date:
    November 2019
  • Expected Macbook Pro 16in redesign:
    Mid 2021

We have exiting news about rumors of the new 16in MacBook Pro getting a redesign. It might even happen in this 2020 Christmas. In this Article I cover everything you need to know about it.

Back in November 2019 the largest MacBook Pro gained a new design with a larger screen, but other than the somewhat redesign of the 16in MacBook Pro, it kept the components of the 15in model. The components are from June 2019, so it's been a year since the 16in MacBook Pro was introduced and the components are more than one and a half years old. It's about time for the 16in MacBook Pro to get an update.

Right now, we know that the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini all have the M1 Apple Silicon chip which by the way makes a huge difference in speed.

You may be wondering, why the M1 chip appears in the small computers first and doesn't provide support for the largest one? The reason is that the first Apple Silicon chip, the M1, is relatively low powered therefore the pick of the models that can handle it.

Apple said in its announcement that the M1 is the first of its kind, therefore we suspect the Macbook Pro 16in is going to have a much bigger chip to handle better computations.

So, some people believe that we'll see a new 16in MacBook Pro in December, which would mark a just over year since the model's introduction, I personally think we won't see one until 2021. Also, usually-accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that the 16in MacBook Pro may not arrive until mid 2021, he originally thought that new 16in MacBook Pro models would arrive before the end of 2020 but he believes that due to coronavirus-related delays affecting a new screen technology Apple is using, the launch won't happen until 2021.

Apple has issued an internal memo that refers to AppleCare-related changes taking place on Tuesday 8 of December, as well as new/updated product descriptions, and new/updated product pricing. Read: Apple set to release new product on 8 December!

Now... Exactly which gadget this memo is about is unclear, but there are rumors about new headphones called AirPods Studio and the gadget finder tag AirTag.
The AirTags are more likely than the AirPods Studio, which are apparently delayed until the spring.

We also think that it could be an Intel processor update for the 16in MacBook Pro, which I think would be stupid to have since everyone wants the new and future Apple Silicon chips, but hey, that's my opinion.

We also have the technology leaker L0vetodream that recently tweeted that Apple is preparing a "Christmas surprise", which also indicates that something is going on.

Apple has already held three events this autumn, but from time to time the company releases new products without a fuss. For example, the second-generation AirPods and the 16in MacBook Pro were released that way last year.

Is this behavior expected for the 16in MacBook Pro? Maybe, but unlikely. I feel like Apple is taking advantage of the momentum they have to keep their customers in the known. Sort of like a tv show that releases new seasons that we are expecting.


The reason why analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's predicts that the new 16in Macbook Pro won't arrive until 2021 is based on his sources' claims that Apple is looking to adopt mini-LED screen panels for its Macs.

These new mini-LED panels offer a rich wide colour gamut as well as high contrast ratios, high dynamic range, and more. Mini-LED should also result in thinner, more power-efficient panels that don't suffer from burn-in (which is an issue with OLED).

In March 2020, he had said this change was on track for 2020 and unaffected by Coronavirus. However, in May 2020 he suggested that these plans were in fact being delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic and therefore the 16iun MacBook Pro probably won't arrive until early 2021.


If the next 16in MacBook Pro doesn't arrive until 2021 that will at least give Apple the time to develop its own Silicon ARM-based processors suitable for the 16in MacBook Pro. However, it is possible that the next MacBook Pro will run on 10th generation Intel processors, which are already available. (no comments on this)


When the 16in MacBook Pro arrived it might have maintained the same processors as the earlier model, but it gained new graphics.

If Apple's next 16in MacBook Pro comes with Apple Silicon chips it will likely have integrated Apple graphics - which will be a concern for creative Mac users who prefer discrete GPUs. In a memo, Apple tried to calm their minds by saying: "Don't assume a discrete GPU means better performance," and "The integrated GPU in Apple processors is optimized for high performance graphics tasks". What do you guys think?

Camera and Face ID

We'd love to see a better FaceTime camera on the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro still offers a shockingly poor 720p camera. As a comparison, we have the iPhone 11 FaceTime camera that offers 1080p HD video recording and a 12MP camera.

Apple really needs to up its game with this camera, and even more now that the age of video conference is booming.

We'd also like to see the TrueDepth camera appear on the MacBook range, enabling Face ID. But this is what users want, not a rumor of them having it.

Touch Bar

Sorry for those who hate it but... no rumors of them removing it any time soon, if you love it good for you, you might see it on the next update.

Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 which is still in its infancy, but it is starting to arrive. Unfortunately, it hasn't yet appeared on any Mac laptop or desktop though. I feel like this is a must and Apple is falling behind on this, must other laptops already have it implemented.

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